Loch Rannoch to Balquhidder - Chapters 24 - 25

This section covers from Loch Rannoch, Bridge of Gaur, the mountains above Bridge of Orchy, Glen Dochart and finally Balquhidder.

Whilst the first section, the high moor south of Loch Rannoch, is easy going, the next two options of either the Munros to the east of Bridge of Orchy or the lower route crossing rivers are potentially difficult. (Note that there is an alternative way round the rivers). RLS clearly understood the nature of hill walking in Scotland as he describes David's experience in chapter 24:

"and for the best part of three nights travelled on eerie mountains and among the well-heads of wild rivers; often buried in mist, almost continually blown and rained upon, and not once cheered by any glimpse of sunshine."

and also

"The sound of an infinite number of rivers came up from all round. In this steady rain the springs of the mountain were broken up; every glen gushed water like a cistern; every stream was in high spate, and had filled and overflowed its channel."

However, once you get to Loch Lyon the going is more straight-forward. Any anyway, we get sunshine and camping high up on the Munros is a wonderful experience.