This is a lovely section of the Way with quite a lot of walking on remote roads.

From the ferry terminal there is a path along Loch Aline to head of the loch where you cross the River Aline (698477) and follow the track on the east of the river to the main road at 698498.

The track along Loch Aline:                                                                            The old sand mine workings (there is a path round them):


Castle at the head of Loch Aline:                                                                    The entrance to Gleann Dubh:


Continue along the main road to the entrance to Acharn (702505) where you can take the track/path through Gleann Dubh (the black glen), rejoining the main road at 772569. Alternatively you can follow sections of the old road alongside the main road.

Looking south back into Gleann Dubh:                                                       The road to Kingairloch:

From the end of Gleann Dubh you can either follow the main road (A884) to the Corran ferry or take the quieter road (B8043) through to Kingairloch, where David was rowed across to the scene of the murder on the other side of Loch Linnhe. As well as being quieter this road takes you along Loch Linnhe through small hamlets. Watch out for the odd stray cow or two though!

The church at Kingairloch:                                                                               Loch Linnhe:


Take care on the last section to the Corran Ferry are there is no footpath beside the main road.