Stevenson Adventures SCIO is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation that:

Provide recreational activities or organise recreational activities, with the object of improving the conditions of life for disadvantaged teenagers though the use of outdoor activities, by:

Advancing the Stevenson Way as a long distance wilderness walk in Scotland to the benefit of the general public;


Providing guided walks on the Stevenson Way as a means to support the work with disadvantaged teenagers.


The Stevenson Way offers a unique opportunity for those working with disadvantaged teenagers. Rather than provide one-off experiences Stevenson Adventures would rather build on a longer term challenge. This is where a challenge of completing the Stevenson Way would prove very beneficial as there are so many areas where such young folk can develop e.g. planning, responsibility, risk awareness, team work, endurance, respect for the environment, cooking, navigation, etc.

Stevenson Adventures aims to promote the Stevenson Way to folk in the United Kingdom as well to those in North America and Europe. Both the wilderness experience and the Robert Louis Stevenson background will be attractive to prospective walkers. The aim is to provide suitable information for experienced walkers to tackle the Stevenson Way.

Regular guided walks will be arranged to take people on the Stevenson Way, either as week-long walks or weekend ones. Walkers will be able to choose from a variety of accommodation from quality hotels to camping. Provision will be made for local experts, e.g. wildlife, historical, etc to be involved.

For those wishing to walk themselves then information and advice will be provided.

Scottish Charity Number SC043128